In honor of this masterpiece of world design, the international hotel chain Radisson Blu organized a traveling exhibition of miniature models of the legendary chair.

The chair was designed by Jacobsen specifically for the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (previously – SAS Royal Hotel), located in the center of Copenhagen. The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel itself was also designed by Jacobsen and is considered the world’s first designer hotel. As conceived by the architect, the energetic straight architectural lines of the facade of the building should have been contrasted with the interior of the hotel, with its comfortable and relaxed style, grayish-green tones and soft curves of the lines. Trying to find the perfect form, Jacobsen, like a sculptor, molded a prototype of alabaster in his summer house. In the production of the frame designer, one of the first in the world used polystyrene. Now the frames are made of polyurethane, with reinforcement of fiberglass at the edges. Soft foamy material is used for seat padding, and a canvas layer is applied to the back of the backrest. All parts are still sewn by hand. As a result, the chair surprisingly combines elements of retro style and futuristic details. And while it is fantastically ergonomic.

The exhibition of miniature models of Egg, visiting the hotels of Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Dublin, Nantes, Milan and Berlin for a month, recently arrived in Riga. Exhibits of the exhibition – 15 original versions of the chair, made according to sketches of the winners of the competition among design lovers. It is worth noting that three out of fifteen finalists were created in Russia. In total, more than 60 thousand works were submitted for participation in the competition.

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