At resorts and in travel agencies, the period from the beginning of September to mid-October is called the “velvet season” and is actively advertised to holidaymakers: in the fall on beaches and smaller people, prices are lower. But, as you know, in all the lucrative offers you need to look for a catch, and here it lies right on the surface. In September, autumn begins with all the consequences in most European resorts – rains, winds and a general cooling. And in countries located close to the equator, at this time of year, the rainy season increases the risk of hurricanes and tsunamis – in general, you will not rest too much either. But the chance to swim and sunbathe is still there, just choose your destination more carefully and do not forget to check with the weather forecast. Especially for those who want to extend the summer a bit,

1. Turkey

Russian tourists love Turkey for the long holiday season, comfortable sandy beaches and excellent service. If the Aegean Sea is already quite cool in September, then in the Mediterranean the warm weather persists until November. September is an ideal month for a holiday on the eastern part of the Turkish Mediterranean coast, from Kemer to Alanya, the daytime air temperature here is 28-35 ° C, the water temperature is 25-28 ° C.

2. Cyprus

On this island classic Mediterranean climate with distinct seasons. Summer here lasts from May to mid-September. By the end of the first autumn month, rare rains begin, but the humidity of the airdrops and the scorching summer heat is replaced by a comfortable temperature of 25-28 ° C.

3. Spain

The only resort of mainland Spain, whereby the middle of September the steady beach weather is still holding, Costa Blanca. In October, the prices for holidays in Malaga, Marbella and nearby tourist towns are reduced, and the water temperature is still quite acceptable for swimming – around 23 ° C. The air warms up to a comfortable 25-26 ° C during the day, but at night it is already quite cool – 18-20 ° C

4.  Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, belonging to Spain, are in fact much closer to Africa than to Europe. The beach season here lasts almost all year round, some decrease in tourist activity is observed only in the winter, so do not wait for the fall in holiday prices.

5. Madeira Island

The Portuguese island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 450 kilometers north of the Canary Islands, so it is a bit cooler here than in the Canaries. September is still suitable for swimming, in October the water temperature drops to 22 ° C and below, but the air still warms up to 25-27 ° C during the day.

6. Tunisia

In hot Tunisia, the high season lasts almost until the end of September, but October is already considered interseason. In the middle of autumn, the weather is still quite comfortable – 25-27 ° C and the water temperature around the coast of Tunisia is still theoretically suitable for swimming, but sometimes there is quite a strong wind. Rainfall in the mainland resorts of Tunisia is usually not very much, but on the island of Djerba, it rains in October – quite a frequent phenomenon.

7. United Arab Emirates

But in the Emirates, October is the peak of the beach season. In the afternoon, the average temperature is 35 ° C, which is already very good compared to September’s 38-40 ° C, and the water in the sea warms up to 25 ° C. The concept of the velvet season in the UAE more or less corresponds to November, although it is still quite hot during the day – 28-30 ° C, but in the evenings rarely less than 20 ° C and the water temperature is around 22-24 ° C. In winter, the weather in the Emirates is, of course, ideal, but the sea is usually quite cold.

8. Jordan

If in September in Jordan it is still hot, then October is an ideal month for combining a beach holiday with tourist trips around the country. The water temperature in the Red Sea in October is about 27 ° C, and in the Dead it is even higher, about 31 ° C. During the day in Jordan in October it is very warm – about 30 ° C, but at night in the center of the country, in the region of Petra and Amman, it is pretty cool.

9. Israel

The weather allows you to relax in Israel in the fall on all three seas – the Red, the Dead and the Mediterranean. Autumn comes to the Mediterranean coast of Israel only at the end of October – November, in September it is still very hot in Aviv,iv , Haifa and other coastal cities, during the day the average temperature is usually above 30 ° C. On the Red and Dead seas you can relax all year round, and the lowest season in these places just in summer is too hot.

10. Bali Island

In Asia, there are not so many places where you can comfortably relax in the fall. In Thailand, in the south and in the center of Vietnam and in the Philippines, the rainy season retreats closer to November, and in the beginning and in the middle of autumn there is still a high probability of tornadoes and hurricanes, and tropical storms will not improve the overall impression of the rest. It’s quite another thing – Bali , here the wet season at the end of October is just beginning. The air temperature in September-October in the afternoon is 28-30 ° C, water – 27-28 ° C. The only thing that can darken the autumn holidays in Bali are strong waves, however, they subside here only at the height of the rainy season.

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