Meanwhile, a few other hobbies can deliver the same pleasure and drive. What is rafting and what you need to know about it to get the most adrenaline!?

In simple terms, rafting is rafting on mountain rivers on inflatable rafts designed for 6-8 people. As a rule, such rivers flow in mountainous areas or on very terrain. Depending on the complexity, the routes differ on a six-point scale. Difficult is the route starting from the third level. For a beginner, this level is considered the maximum allowed. If we talk about Russia, Adygea, Altai, and Karelia are traditionally considered to be the most popular regions for rafting.

Today it is not at all necessary to be engaged in independently developing your own water route. Many companies are ready to offer a sufficient number of ready-made commercial proposals. But do not forget that rafting is a rather dangerous hobby, especially for a beginner. Simple rules and instructions will help protect you and your loved ones from possible injuries and hypothermia.

So, you are ready to storm the dangerous mountain river. What to look for when choosing a tour? What to take with you? We will try to eliminate possible pitfalls as much as possible so that the first experience is imprinted in the memory only by pleasant memories.

Choose a company. What to look for?

The company’s website should have comprehensive information on the program of your tour, starting with the level of difficulty of the route, time and place of gathering, a detailed description of the route to the menu, a list of the equipment for the rafting and camp, and recommendations on what you need to take with you . A good company will certainly indicate what is included in the tour price, and for what you will need to pay extra. Be sure to read the reviews of those who have already passed this route. On your part, it will not be superfluous to find out the weather forecast for the period of rest and to clarify, by the phone indicated on the website, the limitations on age, health, and preparation of the participants of the rafting. Remember that the difficulty level in rafting is designed for a certain preparedness of the participants.

What to take with you?

  • Of course, comfortable, non-slip shoes, designed for a long stay in the water. This may be the so-called “coral slippers”, sold in large quantities at all seaside resorts, or special sandals for rafting, which can be bought in sports equipment stores. The main thing is that water can freely find a way out and not squish inside the shoe.
  • Do not forget about the powerful waterproof sunscreen in the summer – the sun on the water is much more intense than on land.
  • Sunglasses, a hat with a field, a cap or a bandana are indispensable attributes of rafting. The main thing is that the headgear should be on an elastic band, be fixed securely and not fly away with a gust of wind.
  • Replaceable set of clothes and shoes in a plastic bag. It is important that it always remains dry. It is good to take a light shirt for hot weather so that your hands and shoulders are not burned.
  • Sleeping bag, waterproof windbreaker or rain cover in case of cold or rain.
  • Waterproof photo and video equipment or special covers protecting the equipment from moisture, a flashlight.
  • A simple but durable mobile phone in a waterproof case, charged and turned off.
  • Swimwear.
  • Water in a bottle for an emergency.
  • Wet wipes instead of toilet paper, cosmetics in mini-bottles or samplers, antiseptic, repellents, first aid kit.
  • Plastic bags so that you can take all the garbage with you without contaminating your resting place.
  • Water guns, inflatable balls and other attributes for leisure and water games.

When collecting things, the main thing is to stick to common sense and not to take too much. Tomsk Tolstoy or grandmother’s picture in a gilded frame is unlikely to be vital during the rafting. Rafting is an unforgettable experience and adventure. But even during the holidays, it is necessary to remember about security measures. Listen carefully to the instructor and then you can fully enjoy the journey, and feel free to add rafting to your list of hobbies and hobbies.

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