And how many times have you seen a tense smile when you handed a person a magnet from a country in which he was not even? Enough If you want to bring a really nice gift, no need to wrestle with your head. We have compiled for you a universal list of souvenirs from any corner of the world.

For grandma

Usually, grandmothers have a lot of free time, so it makes sense to bring her not just a souvenir, but entertainment, moreover, one that will please her and all family members. Bring her the recipe for a traditional dish with a set of necessary spices. When choosing a dish, focus on the availability of ingredients in her city. You should not take a recipe for mango curry or king prawns, but a rice dish with vegetables and meat is fine.

For grandfather

Grandparents sometimes even have more time than grandparents, and therefore we recommend that they bring something for leisure. The board game is a great choice. It can be chess, checkers, backgammon or dominoes, made in the traditional style. If you need something more compact, then suitable souvenir maps with views of the terrain, such as are sold in each resort town. And if you find some exotic local game, such as French Petanque or ancient Chinese go, you can be sure that grandfather will be king of the court.

For Mom

Any mom will appreciate the new scarf! Each country has its own textile tradition, it may be special materials, such as Indian cashmere or Indonesian batik, or classic silk or cotton scarves, but with a special traditional pattern. Even while traveling in Russia, you can find something special, for example, Vologda lace, and it’s easy to bring a unique thing from abroad.

For Dad

Bring a useful gift to dad. If dad is a homebody, buy a beautiful and comfortable T-shirt in which he can relax after a hard day’s work. Choose a quality item from good fabric, with an inscription or a picture of the place where it came from. If dad loves to go on nature, you can add a baseball cap to the gift. And if you relax in a country where there is winter, find a nice warm hat, it will certainly do good service.

For girlfriends

All girls love cosmetics, especially natural and environmentally friendly. Every country has its own traditional recipes for preserving youth and beauty, which were passed down from generation to generation. Most often, these recipes are associated with some unique useful property of a local plant or mineral. Cosmetic clay from Greece, cream of cloudberries from the Scandinavian countries, coconut oil from the tropics – the list is endless. In whatever country you are, look for a small private shop of natural cosmetics, there you will surely be told something special.

For friends

An excellent opportunity to please your friends and spend a pleasant evening with them, telling stories from your trip, will be a bottle of local, not exported, alcohol. It will not be possible to bring a lot, so it is better to choose a strong drink so that everyone has enough for a little bit. From India, bring Old Monk rum, from the Philippines – Tanduay Rhum, from Mexico – tequila, from Japan – sake. During your vacation, you will surely go to a bar or club at least once. While waiting for an order, chat with the bartender, he will tell you what local alcohol is worth taking place in your suitcase.

For kids

Children decided to give sweets and toys. The problem with the first – freshly prepared may not reach, so stop your choice on chocolate from a local factory. When choosing a toy do not even look in the direction of teddy bears, they do not have a highlight. It is better to spend a little more time, but find a special toy, an animal that is not found in Russia. From Australia, you can bring a soft platypus, from Africa – a giraffe, from America – a salamander. If you are not sure who to look for, you can use the Internet search for the word “endemic”, that is, a species that lives only in a designated region.

Of course, when choosing souvenirs, you should take into account the hobbies and hobbies of addressees, numismatists can give the rest from the trip a trifle, and those who still collect the magnets, carry the most beautiful. And do not forget that anyone will be very pleased to receive a postcard from distant countries!

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